About "Duo"

duo noi

DUO is an independent publishing project dedicated to produce limited edition little books. We use different kinds of ways to tell our stories. We like thinking of a book like a box: the stories begin with the format of the book, the paper we choose, the binding we use and goes on with paintings or drawings or engravings or photographs, through songs or poems or other things that might inspire us.


Marina Biagini


marina biagini   @BiaginiMarina


  • Cantando i poeti d’Armenia nei libri d’artista – Roma – 2010
  • Como Pedro por mi casa – Barcellona – 2011
  • Como Pedro por mi casa – Barcellona – 2012
  • LiberBook: Salone del libro d’artista e stampa d’autore – Parma – 2013
  • Liber- Libri Liberi – Milano – 2013
  • Scanner: automatici-autoprodotti-autoalimentati – Roma – 2013
  • Fruit-Exhibition  Operae Torino settembre 2014
  • Scripta Manent Roma dicembre 2014 Più Libri Più Liberi
  • Fruit-Exhibition Bologna dicembre 2014
  • NOPX Torino dicembre 2014
  • Fahrenheit 39 Ravenna 2015
  • Fruit -Exhibition Bologna gennaio 2016
  • Fruit -Exhibition Bologna gennaio 2017


  • Scripta Manent, Roma
  • NOPX, Torino
  • NB, Torino
  • Printer Matter, New York  231 11th Ave
  • Atlantis Books, Santorini, Greece
  • Tuilik, Milano
  • La Libreria, Parigi

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