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a commissioned book dedicated to Francesco Guccini ‘s song: L’avvelenata

when my best friend Raffaella asked to realize a book dedicated to F. Guccini, I turned up my nose, at first. I loved F. Guccini in my youth, but he is so far from me now. At the same time, still, I thought it might be an opportunity to realize a different book, that illustrated both the lyrics of the song and the whole context they came from. The song was written in 1976, when Italy was experiencing dissent and riots. There was a lot of anger, desire to break the rules, but there also was a desire to speak, to confront each other…. So here’s the book, realised with oil paintings images and sketches. Some of the illustrations are attached on the pages, others, unattached, are intended as postcards or photo memories. There also are more texts about the origin of the song and the story of those years. A big collage about 1976.